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Canceled for 2020


Hardwood Hill Sugar Bush
Dan Carlson, Owner


802 150th Avenue, Amery, WI 54001
Great Grandpa started making maple syrup approximately 100 years ago;
Dad and I have continued the tradition making syrup every year for the
last 45 years. We’ve seen lots of changes over the years; with the latest
being adding on to our syrup building. We collect over 3200 taps on tubing
and also buy sap to process from another approximately dozen people
with approximately 7500 total taps. We have syrup for sale in different
sizes including decorative containers. We welcome you to join us and tour
our operation and will be serving complimentary maple sundaes.

Bill Zager, Owner

715-268-8650 or 715-554-0895

654 115th Street, Amery, WI 54001
Z-Orchard Maple Syrup started about 10 years ago with 15 taps, in 2018
we will be near the 1,000 tap level. For the first years, we shipped our sap
to another sugar maker who evaporated our sap on a percentage. Then I
purchased an evaporator. After many changes and upgrades, this year we
have a new custom-made preheater in the steam chamber by Smoky Lake
and we are changing out the burner to 2 – 400,000 BTU Natural Gas guns;
again increasing our efϐiciency. On the tour, you can see the sugar shack
where we fully cook our maple syrup and do not use reverse osmosis to
remove a lot of the water. We then ϐilter and bottle the syrup. You will also
be able to go for a foot tour in the woods where we collect our sap from the
individual trees by hand using collection bags. Please bring proper
footwear as the woods will probably we wet. Z-Orchard also has an Apiary
with 20 bee hives. We will also have an observation hive in the Orchard
Store where you will be able to observe the bees as they are busy working.
Maple syrup and honey will be available.


Kripple Creek Syrup Co.
Ed & Mike Flannum, Owners


955 USH 63 (corner of 63 and Cty Rd F), Clear Lake, WI 54005
The Flannums have been involved in making maple syrup for 30 years;
mainly as a hobby for the first 20 years. The last 10 years we have turned
our passion for making Pure Maple Syrup into a business. We started out
smaller, cooking 25 gallons an hour, and then ramped up to our current
140 gallons an hour with our newer evaporator. Next, we added 1200 GPH
Reverse Osmosis to help us keep up with our growing number of taps, as
well as cooking for many local people tapping their own trees. Just recently
we moved to our new commercial property and have added a Café as well
as a gift shop. We offer a wide variety of syrups in numerous sizes, as well
as coffee, dips and other local favorites. Our Sap Shack also offers some
inventory for the hobbyist to tap trees and to cook some Pure Maple Syrup
for themselves. Stop on in and check out our modern syrup cooking facility,
browse through our gift shop and sit down at the Westside Café to enjoy
a home cooked breakfast, specializing in our Sweet Cream Pancakes, which
of course, is served with our warm Kripple Kreek Pure Maple Syrup!


Rouzer's 5R - Hibbs McKinley Maples
Mike Rouzer & Ray Hibbs, Owners


250 State Road 48, Cumberland, WI 54829

Mike Rouzer and Ray Hibbs welcome everyone! We run around 1000 taps, 650 pails and 350 taps on high vacuum. We still cook our syrup in two large flat pans, over ϐire. We do utilize a homemade RO machine, which helps us process our sap efficiently. Because of the way we cook our syrup we will always produce a darker, more flavorful, syrup. We always have maple syrup, maple cream, bourbon maple syrup and maple sugar for sale. We look forward to seeing you!

Hustad's Sugar Bush
Allen & Linda Hustad, Owners


216 11 ½ Street, Cumberland, WI 54829
Hustad’s Sugar Bush has been making and producing maple syrup, maple
cream and maple candy for over 53 years! Owners Allen & Linda Hustad
have had to rely on Mother Nature to provide nighttime temperatures in the
20’s and daytime temperatures in the 40’s necessary for the trees to
produce sap. Once the sap is “running” it is collected by hand into buckets,
then used to process and produce Hustad’s delicious maple syrup. Using
state of the art equipment, the maple sap goes through a reverse osmosis
machine which removes 80% of the water. From there, the sap goes into a
4’x14’ stainless steel-oil fired evaporator which processes the sap into
maple syrup. The maple syrup is then processed through a filter press to
remove any impurities. Finally, the maple syrup is bottled in a variety of
containers and is ready for sale. Also on sale are jams, mustard, maple
cotton candy, honey, pancake mix, salsas, garlic mushrooms, maple cream,
maple candy and many other products. We will be serving complimentary
maple sundaes.


Gustafson's Maple Ridge Sugar Bush
3242 130th Street, Frederic, WI 54837
Hobby operation that began in 1994 cooking outdoors in a
wood-ϐired ϐlat pan. Over time built a sugar house and purchased a
Corsair evaporator with a hybrid pro pan. I put out 125-150 taps
each year and have my syrup bottled by a larger producer. Will
have both quarts and pints available for purchase.


Christian Maple Syrup

Doyle & Julie Christian, Owners


12926 Cty Road O, Grantsburg, WI 54840

What started out 50 years ago with 15 taps and a ϐlat pan in the woods, has turned into a family operation with an indoor sugar shack, evaporator and a small reverse osmosis system. Now reaching 1,200 taps, all on buckets. We gather the old fashioned way with family and friends. Stop in for a day of fun and a tour of our operation. Enjoy complimentary cider and maple muffins. Syrup will be available for purchase.


Morley’s Maple Syrup
John Morley, Owner


1346A State Highway 48, Luck, WI 54853
Morley’s Maple Syrup is located just 2 miles east of the Village of Luck, WI.
John and Crystal tapped their first trees on their home site; starting with just
350 taps collected in pails just as it was done 100 years ago. Now today, with
three special helpers; Samuel, Tanner and Lola, and other family and friends,
they now have over 5,000 taps. Sap is collected through plastic tubing
criss-crossing the hills into a tank, where it is collected daily and taken to
Morley’s sugar bush where they cook off the excess water in a stainless steel
evaporator that is fueled by dry split wood. Syrup, maple candy, and our
famous maple cotton candy will be on hand for sampling and purchase.

Richter Maple
David & LaVonne Richter, Owners


2717 170th Street, Luck, WI 54853
David Richter tapped his first tree over 40 years ago as a teenager. Since
then, the family-owned business, Richter Maple, has grown dramatically and
utilizes the largest wood-fired maple syrup evaporator in the area. David
and his late wife Julie were blessed with nine children (currently ranging
from 23 years down to 4 years of age). Their daughter Margo (age 21) and
son Grant (age 18) are intricately involved in the business, along with help
from their younger siblings and David’s new bride, LaVonne. In addition to
tapping their own trees, Richter Maple processes sap collected by numerous
maple sap producers in the area. The Richter family invites you to tour their
sugar house and enjoy free samples of some family favorites; Richter’s
syrup, maple sugar and maple cream also available for purchase.


Mlejnek Family Sugar Bush
Dalyn Mlejnek, Owner


1981 26th Avenue, Rice Lake, WI 54868
We are using a combination of modern and old fashioned processing
methods. 750 taps on vac, we run an RO and are boiling on a wood-fired
evaporator. Buying some sap from neighbors as well. We will be selling
syrup in glass and plastic in several sizes. Maple cream for sale also! Free
pancakes and product samples.

Morley's Maple Syrup regretfully announces the Northwestern Wisconsin Maple Farm Tour will be canceled in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic. In efforts to keep sugar makers and maple syrup loving fans safe this year it was decided the farm tour should no longer take place April 4th 2020. Be sure to stay safe and stock up on maple syrup!


We hope to see everyone next year or in one of the many events Morley's Maple Syrup will attend this Fall.

Get to Know the Participating Syrup Producers

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